Youtubers Must Have This 5 Apps

Today everyone has a smartphone but nowadays most people like to do their work with the smartphone because it is very easy to do any work with the smartphone and nowadays such apps have been developed so that you can create content quite easily. As well as you can do more things easily, these five apps will be especially useful on YouTubers and content creators.

YouTubers must have these 5 apps, by using these apps you can easily create content as compare to computers or laptops because you have your smartphone all the time with you and you can create content, edit content, or do many things anywhere and this 5 apps will really useful for you.

Youtubers Must Have This 5 Apps

  • Kinemaster
  • Youtube studio
  • Thumbnail Maker
  • Picsart
  • Pixabay


Kinemaster is a video and audio editing application, this app is available in both version free and Paid. buy using this app you can edit your videos like a professional, all the advanced and profession level option is given in this application like chroma key, blend, video effect, animation, text writing, audio editor, audio effect and many more. Kinemaster is the best and most popular video editing application on the android platform, we have kept kinemaster on Number 1 position.

Youtube Studio

Youtube Studio is the official android app for YouTubers, this application is very popular among YouTubers. by using this application you can upload videos, thumbnail, add a description, tags, and many more things. In youtube, the studio gets you can monitor the channel and video performance, respond to comments, get notification what is happing in your channel, Update video details including thumbnail images, monetization settings, and schedule dates, manage playlist and many more things. we have kept youtube studio on number 2 position.

Thumbnail Maker

Thumbnail maker is a free thumbnail, logo, and banner maker. this application will be very useful for YouTubers because they can easily create thumbnails with stock background and images, In this thumbnail maker, you will get features like stock free background, free stickers and images, custom size thumbnail, social media banner maker, logo maker, and many more things. we have kept thumbnail maker in number 3 position.


PicsArt is the most popular photo editor on the android platform, this application is to download more the 1 Billion times worldwide, Picsart allows the user to edit photos and many more thing. in this app, you can edit photos on your smartphone. this application will also get features like photo effects, drawing tools, image editor, collage maker, sticker maker, photo filters, video editor, free image library, face editor with beautifying tools, and more. we have kept pics arts on number 4 position.


Pixabay is the most popular website for downloading royalty-free images and videos, which you can use in your videos for free. Pixabay has also its official android application, it will be very useful for YouTubers they can easily search images, videos, graphs, and download it in one click. this application will help you to make your content very beautiful and easily because you don’t need to shoot videos or photos for your content, you can easily download it for free. we have kept pixabay on the number 5 position.

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